Custom Emergency Preparedness Kits

Only you understand exactly what your needs are, and that’s why American Family Safety gives you the option to order any product we offer individually. What’s more, we’ll source products we don’t currently offer in order to meet your unique needs. We also offer custom kits for businesses, schools, groups, organizations, cities, municipalities and government agencies and can apply your corporate logo on almost any of our product bags and containers. 

Customized Safety Solutions

We regularly customize kits to meet varied needs of our corporate clients. We can provide everything from basic first aid supplies to full survival kits that meet the requirements of OSHA, AMA and the Department of Homeland Security. For more information, please contact our sales department today.

Corporate Custom Kit Items

Create Employee Goodwill

Demonstrate leadership and advocacy by providing your company’s employees with American Family Safety kits.

  • Safeguard the health and well-being of your staff
  • Show employees their company really cares about them, thereby creating goodwill
  • Diminish potential Liability surrounding workplace accidents and emergencies
  • Reduce absenteeism – Employees needn’t leave work to seek medical attention for minor injuries

Excite, Inspire, Impress Your Customers

Our client incentive and appreciation kits go beyond unique safety products.

Unleash the power of AFS’ creative team to develop an innovative and exciting customer appreciation program- completely customized for your organization with available color matching and private branding.

We can draw from a vast range of safety solutions to make sure the kit we create for you has a unifying “theme” that is right on-brand, yet far beyond your customers’ expectations!

  • Demonstrates customer advocacy – your customers will feel you have their best interests in mind.
  • Safety products include items that are used repeatedly – refreshing exposure to your brand and/or message.
  • Unique products deliver “Wow” factor – that may compel your customers to show their friends, and praise your company.
  • Reduce costs by offering a support package to replenish the customer’s kit, as opposed to looking for another incentive product to send next year – get all the impact and goodwill without all the cost!
  • For more information on Custom Solutions for Emergency Preparedness Kits, please contact our sales department at 1-888-845-8743 or email Jeffrey Gottheil at [email protected]