­­­Ultra-Light Aluminum Outdoor Trekking Pole with Attachable Survival Tools

It’s a height adjustable Aluminum Trekking Pole – for stability and steep slopes, with Multiple and Attachable Survival Tools – to help provide aid in securing food, warmth and shelter, a Self-Defence Walking Stick – to ward off animals and defend yourself or your dog, an Orientation Device -with built in compass, camping gear and tool kit rolled into one and because of its modular design, can be height adjusted and assembled in minutes. Great for walking, hiking, camping, hunting and if needed survival applications for the outdoors. Ultra-strong machined aluminum 6063, with stainless steel 3CR13 blade in a sturdy hollow construction, which can carefully house all the survival tools.

This incredible offer, also includes a free storage case, a free low-profile mud basket for the tungsten steel tip and a free extension rod/component, increasing the overall length to approx. 49” if needed. (To reduce the length, simply remove a section and re-attach) while still retaining a total Trekking pole weight (with tools) of only 440 grams (just under 1 pound).


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A $85 Value – FREE*

This Trekking Pole with attachable Survival Tools is valued at over $85 and is yours Free with any purchase of a Deluxe or Premium 72 hour Emergency Survival kit (Black or Red Backpack) valued at $150 or more. Not valid with other offers. You must be 18 years of age or older to receive this promotional item. Offer valid while supplies last.

survival tool details
survival tool components


  • Outdoor knife/cutter

  • Double-head screwdriver

  • Firestarter

  • Can opener

  • Saw

  • Bottle opener

  • Fish scaler

  • Whistle

  • Compass

  • Plus, we’re including a FREE Compact Storage Case

  • Plus, we’re including a FREE Extension Rod/Component

  • Plus, we’re including a FREE Low-Profile Mud Basket

Survival Tool Details
multi purpose survival tool
survival tool
survival tool
survival tool
survival tool
survival tool
survival tool
survival tool