The Quality of Life in Virginia Beach, VA Starts With the Water You Drink.

Your body contains 70% water, and it is crucial to life. That’s why so many rely on American Family Safety for water bottles with filters to deliver purified drinking water, when required. BPA-free, chemical free and iodine free, our products offer MiraGuard™ Antimicrobial Technology that retards the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew in the filter. That means you can rely on them to guard against contaminants. What’s more, all our filters are manufactured in the USA. We also offer pure drinking water in portable packets that are US Coast Guard Approved, with a 5 year shelf life, and are processed according to rigorous quality control procedures at our California facility.

SHIFT 24oz Filter Bottle (Everyday BLU) Citrus

  • BLU Line Daily Protection
  • 3 month life of continuous use
  • Accepts any Series IV replacement filter
  • Miraguard Antimicrobial* Technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media
  • BPA free, chemical free, and iodine free
  • Filter made in the USA


Series II RED Line Filtered Water Bottle w/ 2 Filters

Provides protection from questionable water sources, such as:
  • Polluted lakes, ponds and streams
  • Improperly stored water
  • Contaminated municipal water


Mayday Pouch Water with Drink Container (Case of 100)

  • Mayday Emergency Drinking Water is manufactured at our facility in Vista CA
  • Our bottle license with the State of California is #45770
  • All our water is US Coast Guard Approved and has a 5 year shelf life
  • Our case packaging is boxed in a carton of 100 quantity (4.225 ounce pouches ea. x 100)
  • This package also includes a free “One Liter Drinking Container (73010)”
  • Coast Guard approval certificate # 160.026/70/0

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American Family Safety follow guidelines established by The Department of Homeland Security and the United States Coast Guard. All our food and water products are manufactured in America, so you can rely on the highest quality control standards. Expect the unexpected. Your family needs an emergency survival kit to prepare for life’s unanticipated disasters.

If you live in Virginia Beach, VA and would like to order your Water and Filtration Supplies, please view the full list of products or call us at 1-888-845-8743.