Leatherback Body Armor. For The Most Important Thing In The Backpack.

These days you never know what threats you may face, at school, at work and at play. That’s why we teamed up with the inventors of the Leatherback protection backpack system. Developed by law enforcement, medical experts, military specialists and fire personnel, in five seconds its patented design transforms from an ordinary backpack into a two sided bullet-proof protection system, creating an armored vest in case of an emergency situation. In fact, it will even stop a .44 Magnum round. What’s more, the Leatherback Backpack is stylish, durable, and since it doubles as both a backpack and a protection system, it represents outstanding value. Simply unzip the hidden compartment and it slips over the torso to become effective body armor against bullets and other violent attacks. All bulletproof inserts are made in the USA.

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